CBAP® Exam Preparation Course 2017 - 3 days

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CBAP Exam Prep MBWCBAP3 Jan 2017.jpg

CBAP® Exam Preparation Course 2017 - 3 days



This 3-Day CBAP®- Prep classroom course is structured with the goal of providing students exactly what they need to pass the respective exams. Coursework is focused
on the key topics and knowledge areas required for success on the exam. Our study strategy will increase comprehension and retention of key elements, while also providing students with practical information that can be applied immediately to the project work environment.


This course is designed for all types of experienced Business Analysts wishing to obtain the CBAP® certification.


To prepare experienced Business Analysts for the task of passing the CBAP® certification exam, with minimum disruption to current work duties.

• A key benefit includes the sharing and debating of a wide range of participant views and perspectives; a critical success factor in the CBAP® exam.
• The course focuses on creating the appropriate mindset required to understand and deal with the situations presented within exam questions, as well as how to critically analyse the practices, tools and techniques required (and expected) of empowered Business Analysts in the global market place.
• Candidates at a CBAP® level are encouraged to approach their exams in a similar fashion and prepare strategies for successful attainment of their desired credential.


1. Introduction
• What is Business Analysis?
• The What and Why of CBAP
• What is IIBA?
• What is BABOK?
• Eligibility for CBAP
• Certification Process
• Preparing the Application
• While Answering the Questions Consider
• Most Likely Activity Flow for Business Analysis
• Mapping the BABOK
• Useful Notes
2. Business Analysis Key Concepts
• The Business Analysis Core Concept Model
• Key Terms
• Requirements Classification Schema
• Stakeholders
• Requirements and Designs
3. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
• Plan Business Analysis Approach
• Plan Stakeholder Engagement
• Plan Business Analysis Governance
• Plan Business Analysis Information Management
• Identify Business Analysis Performance Improvements
4. Elicitation and Collaboration
• Prepare for Elicitation
• Conduct Elicitation
• Confirm Elicitation Results
• Communicate Business Analysis Information
• Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
5. Requirements Life Cycle
• Trace Requirements
• Maintain Requirements
• Prioritize Requirements
• Assess Requirements Changes
• Approve Requirements
6. Strategy Analysis
• Analyze Current State
• Define Future State
• Assess Risks
• Define Change Strategy
7. Requirements Analysis and Design
• Specify and Model Requirements
• Verify Requirements
• Validate Requirements
• Define Requirements Architecture
• Define Design Options
• Analyze Potential Value and Recommend
8. Solution Evaluation
• Measure Solution Performance
• Analyze Performance Measures
• Assess Solution Limitations
• Assess Enterprise Limitations
• Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value
Course Includes:
• Preactice Test / Exam Questions
• Workbook
• Learning Aids

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This is a 3 day course

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