Innovation Management Fundamentals - 3 Days - 2015

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Innovation Fundamentals MBWINF3.jpg
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Innovation Management Fundamentals - 3 Days - 2015



In this course we focus on the processes and practices that people use to effectively manage innovation. We will use the mindset of the entrepreneur coupled with the discipline of a manager to identify value in new ideas and how to realise that value by taking it to market. We will explore innovation, learn how to mobilise to deliver it and exploit the value through innovation. In order to sustain innovation we will focus on the culture needed which promotes healthy disruption and renewal within organisations.


Individuals new to innovation management, those enhancing their existing skills or entrusted to guide their organisation to leverage innovation practices and deliver value by effective application.


By the end of this course it is expected that the participants will be able to:
1. Demonstrate a solid understanding of the innovation process and the associated management issues;
2. Apply analytical tools that can help structuring information for decision making about innovation;
3. Explain different patterns of using innovation for creating value and growth in organisations;
4. Discuss core management challenges associated with managing innovation;




•    Dynamics of Technological and Non-Technical innovation
•    Industrial implications of  innovation
•    Competitive implications of market and product dynamics 


Exploring innovation: experimentation and iteration 


Module 1 - Exploring innovation - the processes used to explore innovation along the technology, business, market and strategy dimensions as the innovation moves from idea to market.
•    Innovation as a process; "Hey Listen to “My Brainwave” – What next ?;"  
     Case Study 1
•    Scoping that brainwave; narrowing it down and being able to Pitch.
•    Iterative design:  Case Study 2
•    Experimenting with markets: “What does this button do? No! No!, Mr. President” :      
      Case Study 3

Executing innovation: Mobilising to deliver


Module 2 - Executing innovation - the structures and incentives organisations must put into place to effectively allow skilled, talented and passionate individuals (from different groups) to execute innovation processes.

•    Organising innovation teams: 'The Contest'
•    Organising flexible and agile processes; 'Time boxing' exercise
•    Incentivising and organising innovators/ ideas people: Case Study 4
•    Organising innovation between companies and communities:Case Study 5 
•    Incentivising and organising external innovators: Case Study 6
•    Negotiating for innovation work between companies and academia:
     Case Study 7 &  negotiation exercise
•   Exploiting innovation: options, portfolios and platforms

Module 3 - Exploiting innovation - the strategies that a company must consider to most effectively exploit the value of their innovation, including innovation platforms that incorporate multiple product options, portfolios and standards.

•    Understanding the market for ideas; creating the value chain; a business plan with   a story.    
•    Leveraging portfolio management processes: Case Study 8
•    Portfolio management tools for Innovation Management 

Renewing innovation: organising disruption, build a culture of innovation


Module 4 - Renewing innovation and building an innovation culture -   the processes, structures and strategies for exploring, executing and exploiting innovation that companies can use to renew their innovation foundations in the face of potentially disruptive innovation.

•    Internal vs. external sources of renewal:  Case Study 9
•    Renewing innovation;  external joint ventures;  Case Study 10
•    Renewing innovation; internal joint ventures;  Case Study 11
•    Summary and Lessons Learned


Nominal Days :  

This is a 3 day course



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