Business Analysis Fundamentals - 2 Days

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Business Analysis Fundamentals - 2 Days



The role of a dedicated Business Analyst is a key success factor for any project. To often the roles and responsibilities of the business analyst are confused with that of a subject matter expert and the project manager. It is important to separate the role from who is assigned to fulfil it, based on the nature and size of a project. This course is aimed at helping individuals understand the fundamentals of business analysis, exploring key tools and techniques in a practical and results focused manner.


Business analysts who are new to the role, who are developing their skills, or who are experienced and would like a more formal framework. Managers and team leads seeking a business analysis focus, project managers who want to develop business analysis skills.


The course will:
•    Build appreciation of the importance of business analysis 
•    Provide familiarity with current business analysis principles 
•    Develop business analysis skills
•    Allow participants to learn about best practice methods for requirements
     determination and analysis
•    Allow participants to learn interviewing methods and apply these methods and skills in
     case studies
•    Obtain a framework of business analysis


Module 1 – The role of the Business Analyst
We look at where the Business Analyst fits within an organisation today and what the role and responsibilities are.

Module 2 – Business Analysis and the project lifecycle
An overview of the project lifecycle and the responsibilities of the Business Analyst in each project phase.

Module 3 - Requirements 
We look at what requirements are, why they are important and how to determine them. Defining requirements at high and low level. The difference between requirements and solutions. Why end-to-end thinking must be applied. Examines the complexities of modern business systems and processes.

Module 4 – Interviewing
The different user perceptions of. How to interview different types of user and how to gather the important information.

Module 5 – Defining the solution
How to define a solution that meets the requirements, techniques of brainstorming and problem solving.

Module 6 – Financial analysis and the business case
Identifying costs and benefits, obtaining financial indicators and producing a business case.

Module 7 - Process Modelling
Why and when to use process models. How to draw business process maps and functional decompositions.
Module 8 – Testing, training and implementation
What is needed to successfully deliver to the needs of the business.  Examines what is required to successfully conduct testing, training and implementation.

Note: Course assumes no existing Business Analysis 
knowledge or experience. It is a general BA course, non-IT.

Nominal Days :  

This is a 2 day course


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