2UE Breakfast Radio Show - "Talking Lifestyle" - Sydney AUSTRALIA

17 July, 2017 8:45 am AEST

Presenters :
John Stanley and Garry Linnell



We had the opportunity to tell people about one of the Start Ups we work with TacFit Solutions , ex Australian Army Entrepreneurs, making their ideas real. 

TacFit Solutions was born of a need identified during Leon and Luke’s time in the Australian military.
They wanted the ability to have a mobile strength and conditioning training facility that can be used outdoors in all weather in almost any location.

MYbrainwave helped the TacFit team take the idea from concept to reality, by facilitating detailed planning including go to market strategies, sales and project planning.  The MYbrainwave team now provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to TacFit and facilitate introductions through our network.

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A leading Australian Innovation Management company MYbrainwave has announced a new joint venture with leading Ideas platform IdeaSpies to provide an end-to-end solution to help businesses innovate and manage their Ideas.

MYbrainwave’s CEO John Katsiris, featured in the book ‘50 Unsung Business Heroes Australian Success Stories’, is passionate about helping people turn their ideas into reality. Lynn Wood is Chief Idea Spy of IdeaSpies, recognised as one of the top 100 Coolest Companies of 2016 in Australia. Lynn believes that inspiring ideas need to have a place to be shared to inspire action that makes a positive difference in the world.

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MYbrainwave launches their Innovation Management products and training to the United States by announcing an affiliate partnership with Chicago-based Kirtley Technology Corporation.

Everybody has great ideas, but not everybody believes their ideas can amount to anything. Many great ideas go to waste every single day because people write them off as unachievable or impossible. Thankfully, Australian Innovation Management and Strategy Company MYbrainwave are helping businesses with brilliant ideas, turning ideas into reality across six continents.

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