We provide ADVISORY Services on
Innovation, Business Analysis and Project Management
from Idea Generation through to finished Product or Service.

We help Build a Culture of Innovation by

Securing support from the TOP of your organisation to drive change.
Defining Innovation and what it means for you and your teams.
Implementing Processes and Tools to enable adoption and repeatability.
Involving the Crowd - We help tap into the great ideas of your own people.
Measuring Progress and Success; Celebrating the wins to motivate and inspire
and understanding the losses to avoid mistakes in the future.




Business Plan Development

We help develop Entrepreneurial grade business plans for Individuals, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses through to Corporate Organisations that are tired of Business Cases that lack the practical focus and commitment of a business owner that has a true stake in the success of their business.

We prepare people for investment and provide the support to secure that investment through appropriate justification. 


Investment and Patent Preparation, Private Equity Funding Support
and Introductions for Inventors and Entreprenures.

When preparing people for Investment.
That may mean supporting an idea through to Patent and guiding clients through the investment process.
Our Patent Attorney partners provide trusted advice and skill to protect and develop  your intellectual property into an asset.

We tap into our pool of investors to match your ideas with those people or groups that can fund them.

We protect you from the venture vultures and provide some muscle at those critical negotiations. We join your team and can become part of your Advisory board.



New Product Development

For the little guys where there is an "APP for THAT" or that new physical product that will make
life easier for millions but still sitting in the garage. We want to work with you.

We help you get a product to market.
Offer guidance through coaching, mentoring and structured advice.
Guide Pitch Preparation and Development.
Facilitate workshops for and create Entrepreneur Grade Business Plans.
Attend and lend some "muscle" for those critical meetings so you're not alone when negotiating.
Introduce you when prepared to trusted investors.
Create a road-map for you to work with to make your ideas real and profitable.


Innovation Frameworks

Like our Innovation Framework above we help you develop your own or give you a head start
by leveraging our trusted Intellectual Property to lift your capability.
We tailor and embed Innovation frameworks into your organisation and integrate them seamlessly into
your existing operational, project management, business analysis or change management methods.

An Innovation Framework is a core component of building a successful Culture of Innovation.
A disciplined approach to innovation helps deliver on the creative spark that is so often extinguished through poor execution and lack of support.
Our Innovation Framework takes you through a series of practical phases with well defined deliverables to yield intended benefits.

We provide support and guidance at every step to Teach, Advise and Deliver on your Ideas.
"we make ideas real  "

Centres of Excellence Setup (Innovation, Business Analysis, Project Management)

When an organisation focuses on a discipline such as Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management or Innovation Management and seeks to build their capability, a critical success factor to obtain and sustain capability is the establishment of a
a Centre of Excellence for that discipline.

We take pride in helping organisations establish and drive their Centres of Excellence
(also referred to as Communities of Practice, Capability Centres or Competency Centres)

We develop a road-map for the organisation at any stage of maturity and provide solutions to build the needed level of capability.

This generally includes:

Competency Assessments for individuals and groups
Professional Development Pathways 
Provision of targeted training in the specified discipline
Leadership Briefings for Executives and Operational Leaders
Coaching and mentoring for Centre of Excellence leadership and staff
Centre of Excellence Collaboration System evaluation and procurement guidance
Framework and template development



PMO and Group PMO Setup

We are experienced in helping organisations implement and/or invigorate Project, Program and Portfolio Management offices
(all examples of a "PMO"), at a department, division or whole of enterprise/ group level. 

 Our approach is to:

Listen to our clients and understand their situation
Assess the best course of action
Recommend a way forward where by agreed benefits, capability and organisational maturity are achieved.

Common objectives sought when setting up a PMO are :  

Consistency in standards, analysis and reporting across portfolios and resources.
A corporate wide view of projects from registration to closure.
Visibility of budget planning across portfolios, programs and projects.
Visibility of Project, Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) processes for the Senior Leadership Teams (SLT),
Group PMO Management and Staff  and Review Groups.
Visibility of financial performance for all projects.
Visibility of resource availability and utilisation in support of current portfolio. 
Analysis and support for project prioritisation and selection decisions.
 Visibility of project pipeline forecast from request / idea  to an agreed period into the future example; 5 - 10 years.
 Monitoring of projects
Resource allocation and management of Project Managers and Business Analyst and
other agreed resources reporting to the controlling group. 
Ownership and administration of Enterprise Wide PPM Systems.


Project, Program, PMO Health Checks

Projects, Programs and established PMOs require regular reviews to ensure they are meeting their objectives and are given the opportunity to take corrective actions to improve their position in unfavorable circumstances.

We follow a trusted method for reviewing projects, programs and PMOs utilising global standards to benchmark performance.

Our approach is to:

Conduct Initial Discovery Workshops
Hold stakeholder and executive interviews
Carry out a review of the Functions and PM Environment Structures
Review tools, frameworks and supporting collateral
Utilise Assessment interviews where practicable
Prepare and review draft reports
Finalise and present final review outcomes


Organisational Maturity Assessments

We assess your organisation for maturity in relation to Innovation, Project, Program, Portfolio Management  and Business Analysis practices.

We examine dimensions of maturity as well as impact on your organisations ability to deliver.
The maturity of an organisation can be measured in simple scales of levels 1 - 5 but across multiple factors that
provide a comprehensive evaluation of current state. We benchmark your organisation against the feedback
of various groups across the organisation to give a fair and unbiased view of the state of play.
Through considered recommendations we provide a road-map for improvement and track maturity gains over time.

It should be noted that step changes can take between 6 to 24 months depending on the size of the organisation,
however most of the gains are made when improvements are obtained in the journey between receiving ratings of level 1  through to level 3.5. 
Perfect scores of 5 are not often cost effective and yield insufficient benefit for the investment.


Enterprise System Setup for Ideation (Innovation), Project and Portfolio Management

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) helps orchestrate an organisation's People, Process and Technology resources
to select and deliver projects more effectively.  
It provides a number of benefits including:
Strategy to Outcome Visibility
Effective Resource Management
Business Intelligence & Decision Support
Project Collaboration, Reporting & Control Systems

We have experience in implementing and advising on the right system for your level of organisational maturity.

We are product agnostic and partner with leading EPM vendors to provide the integrated system solution
that fits with your existing and future processes and skill base.